Black Edition – Lemon Flavored Gelèes Candies – 6 Pcs. x 180Gr – 6 images


Black Edition – assorted images: Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia, Pompei 
Lemon Flavored Gelèes Candies.

Black Edition collects the most beautiful places of Campania region from awe-inspiring natural wonders to art and architecture from ancient civilizations of this land. Discover
Taste our Lemon flavored Gelèes Candies and discover the Mediterranean- beauty.
The Amalfi Coast, together with the Capri Island, is located right next to the Sorrentine Peninsula, a combination of splendid landscapes that was officially recognized by UNESCO on the World Heritage list.
In this beauty area there is also Pompeii, one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world.


INGREDIENTS: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, fructose, fruit pulp (apple) 6%, lemon juice 0,4%, natural flavour: lemon essential oil 0,4%. Acidifying agent: (citric acid). Gelling agent: pectin. Turmeric added for color. NON GMO. GLUTEN FREE. ALLERGEN FREE. NATURAL FLAVORS FROM ITALIAN LEMONS. NATURAL COLOURS. SUITABLE FOR HALAL.

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